Sales Calls Tracking

Problem Definition:

For online marketplaces where advertisers promote their products and services with phone numbers to receive leads calls. If an advertiser doesn’t have his call center system, he’ll face the following problems:

  • No guarantee for call success between sales agents and leads, as advertiser phone lines may be busy or sales misses or discards the call.
  • No automatic handling for lost calls.
  • Neither monitor nor reporting for sales attitude during calls.

Basic Solution: Call Divert through Intermediate System

  • Intermediate system delivers calls from leads to advertisers through call divert.
  • Advertiser uses a phone line plugged in our system into his ads, and our system diverts the leads calls to the advertiser.


  1. Professional handling for inbound calls; welcome message during working hours, and voice mail option for callers after working hours.
  2. Automatic SMS \ Email to advertiser if sales agent doesn’t answer the lead call.
  3. Automatic evaluation for sales attitude through automatic survey call to leads.
  4. Web-based calls reports.
  5. Automatic calls recording and web-based browsing for recordings.

Professional Solution: Call Routing through Cloud Call Center

  • Our cloud call center routes calls from leads to advertisers.
  • Advertiser uses a phone line plugged in our cloud call center into his ads.
  • Advertiser’s sales agents log in our cloud call center through our VPN.


  1. Automatic evaluation for sales attitude through automatic survey call to leads.
  2. Automatic calls recording and web-based browsing for recordings.
  3. Multi level IVR.
  4. For after-working-hours calls, provide voice mail and call divert options for callers.
  5. Supervisor can monitor live sales calls through spy and whisper.
  6. Web based live monitor for sales agents and receiving calls queues, and rich call center reports.
  7. Double system calls capacity, while call divert uses 2 channels per each call, the cloud call center uses only 1 channel.
  8. No fees for calls divert as calls are routed through our VPN to sales agents.
  9. No lost calls when divert to unreachable or unanswered agent mobile line (solution 1), as calls will be routed to dynamically logged in sales agents rather than static divert numbers.
  10. When the whole queue agents miss the inbound call, automatic management for those abandoned calls through callback tasks to agents.
  11. Faster response time, rather than divert to agent mobile and ringing for about 60 seconds waiting him to answer, simply the queue is configured to ring an agent for 10 seconds then try the next one.
  12. Fair call distribution, rather than static divert that always try the first agent, while the second agent won’t have calls unless the first agent mobile line is busy.
  13. Secure system from denial-of-service attack, if the agent mobile line is Orange with line hunting service where the single mobile line can distribute many calls to many phone lines, then one advertiser can use many channels from PRI and other advertisers don’t receive calls as there’s no PRI channel available.
  14. Full integration between the cloud call center and our CRM or your CRM or your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). We integrated before with web-based & desktop-based systems.