PRO Team Telecom integrates Grandstream IP PBX with vTiger CRM

Grandstream IP-PBX supports CRM integration with only Sugar & salesforce. Salesforce isn’t open-source, its license starts from 25$ to 300$ per user per month. Grandstream & Sugar integration has the following issues:

  1. Sugar has no built-in module for neither incoming-call-popup nor click-to-call nor abandoned calls management, you can get click-to-call for free, but for incoming-call-popup you have to purchase third-party module.
  2. Grandstream forces user to set option to automatically add new callers to a specific CRM module, while this should be based on the incoming call IVR selected option, if I choose the existing customers IVR option, then I should be added at Accounts; while for leads IVR option, I should be added at Leads module.
  3. Once a new caller rings, it’s added automatically and assigned to the agent where the call rings first, while he may not reply and call is answered by any of the next agents. In addition to, there’s no built-in incoming-call-popup, then any of the next agents has to search by caller id and if data sharing is read-only between agents, the agent can’t complete the caller details.

We succeeded to integrate Grandstream with our customized vTiger CRM that overcomes Sugar issues and provides extra module for 0% call loss.