Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV):

Our selection of turn-key video security camera system includes everything needed to set up a video security camera system to monitor the premises. Our indoor and outdoor video security systems are available with 4, 8 .. etc, cameras and DVR & NVR, and are ideal for a range of applications, from home security to commercial surveillance. Our video surveillance systems connect to the network, enabling to view the business or home from a web browser or our free mobile device app when away.

Analog Camera:

Mobisat features the finest in analog imaging technology. High sensitivity and resolution provide superior performance across a broad spectrum of lighting conditions. Structural camera enclosures are available to meet even the most extreme of environments.

IP Camera:

We offer a comprehensive selection of IP cameras. Network IP cameras provide a cost-effective and scalable solution for video security applications across a range of industries. IP-based video surveillance systems allow video to be recorded and monitored remotely, storage costs to be reduced, and an additional IP camera to be easily deployed by adding it to the network.